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What this blog is meant to look like

October 30, 2007

Just looking for something from a past life on my old laptop, and found this – my design for this blog.

I made the stupid decision to use Movable Type (far too complicated for me), and since I’ve been too scared to tinker with the template myself, and I’m not owed a favour by anyone clever enough to do it for me. Which is a pity, as I’d quite like it to look like this.



Wondering what to do with your ashtrays on July 1?

June 28, 2007

Smoking in public places is banned in the UK on Sunday July 1 2007.

Teddy at Albion wondered what would happen to all the ashtrays that will be left with no jobs to do. So he decided to do something useful with them:



July 13, 2006

Our first campaign for BlackBerry is live this week. That’s Albion making a proper grown-up advertising campaign, for a proper grown-up client!