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Gonzo Planning vs. Jazz Planning

January 31, 2007

 I’m not sure who in the Plannersphere first coined the phrase Gonzo Planning, but it’s becoming a mini-meme. (Hey mini-meme! Like Mini-Me. Could that be a meme itself? Ohmygod, my world’s collapsing in on itself!)

Kevin comes first on Google, as it’s the name of his blog, but I didn’t notice it until last week

Anyway, Gonzo means ‘filled with bizarre or subjective ideas, commentary, or the like’. So I think Gonzo Planning is meant to be an insult, because of course a good planner only delivers scientifically developed and evidenced facts.

The odd thing is that I’m interviewing planners at the moment for Albion, and I’ve come across a few who seem to wear Gonzo as a badge of honour. Like a hoodie with an Asbo.

I don’t think I’m a Gonzo planner. I’ve probably been guilty of it in the past, but then I went to work with Leslie Butterfield who straightened me out.

I do hope I’m a Jazz Planner though…


I think I know the rules (the scales), and start with a simple rendition of the process (the tune), but quickly start exploring things from a different angle (improvising). Of course this sometimes descends into self-indulgent bollocks (self-indulgent bollocks), but can sometimes create something new of beauty (The Campaign for Real Beauty).

Or something.



The computer behind the blog

January 26, 2007

Ian works in the building next door to where I work. He doesn’t know me, although I do know Simon and Tom who he works with.

Anyway, he’s doing a thing where bloggers post a picture to Flickr of the compauter they blog from. I did it, although I don’t usually do things like this.

Here’s my blogging computer – my work laptop, on itas docking station at work, with a sloppy Pret tuna sandwich in front of it.


And here’s the Flickr group with other people’s blogging computers.