The world’s best band work like a New Model Agency?


I’m the only person I know who uses the BBC iPlayer (but then I’m the only person I know who commutes from Manchester to London every week). It’s an absolute pain to use, but it is useful to catch up on programmes I miss when I’m on the train.

Anyway, so I was just watching last week’s episode of the Culture Show, which featured Sigur Ros. And it struck me that the way they work is quite similar to some of the working practices we’ve evolved at Albion. Here are some nice quotes:


  • “Especially these days, if you’re not doing something, you’re nobody. Wow, you’re not writing a book?!”


  • “Iceland is the happiest nation is the world. Sigur Ros certainly seem happy together. Their music is always a collaboration between all four members.”

No big ideas; lots of little ideas:

  • “You have a little idea, and you take it a very long way.”

No grand visions:

  • “It’s more like just natural or something. It just goes where it should go. You don’t try to force something out.

Let the work speak for itself:

  • “Possibly until now they haven’t wanted to be that well known. Basically they want to sit in a room all day and play music.”

Can’t wait to see their film Heime. It looks and sounds absolutely beautiful. I hope Albion can make something so thoughtful and perfect one day. Not a bad ambition…


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