E bay gum!

 eBay UK logo

Apologies in advance for the self-congratulatory post, but I’m totally over the moon. The crew of the good ship Albion have been working really hard for weeks on a pitch for eBay UK‘s advertising. And we found out today we won it!

What’s remarkable is that, firstly, it’s eBay. EBAY!

Secondly is that we beat Saatchi’s, WCRS and Mother to win it. They’re all proper big grown-up advertising agencies.

Thirdly is that we beat them fair and square. Brand Republic are already hinting at nepotism, because we work for Skype and Joost. But I was there, and can tell you that we beat them fair and square, with hard work and commitment and listening. Of course our relationship with Skype didn’t hinder us, but it was just the icing on the cake.

There may be drinking this evening.


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