Why I’ve been too busy to blog, part 2

I’m getting married in 2 weeks time, which is the second reason I’ve been too busy to blog: Literally (not in the footballer’s sense of the word – actually literally) every moment when I’ve not been working has been spent, well, working on the wedding event.

We’re getting married in church, and then the celebration is in a marquee in a field. So there is no wedding co-ordinator. They usually come with a venue, or you have to hire them independently at vast cost. So we thought we’d organise it ourselves – Jane’s a project manager after all. But what we didn’t factor in was the unprofessionalism of most of the companies you have to deal with.

The wedding service market (in the north-west of England at least) is a vivid illustration of supply and demand at work. There is far too much demand and not enough supply. Therefore many suppliers get away with offering a shoddy, overpriced service and there is often no alternative. (Unless you go seriously upmarket into the £50k price bracket, which seems an obscene amount to spend on a party.)

Thankfully along the way we’ve also found a few great people who have been very professional and helpful. I would thoroughly recommend:

I’m not going to spend any time shaming the less confidence inspiring companies… yet. Let’s see if they actually deliver on the day. I keep telling myself they will…

BTW, it’s interesting that the crap companies have crap websites, and the better ones really use the web well.

Wish me luck!


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