Endangered savouries

Just read an article in the Guardian about ‘classic’ British dishes falling out of favour with the under-25s.

On one level I think it’s a great article. Mostly because the names of some of the out-of-favour foods are so mysterious and evocative:

  • Bath chaps
  • Jugged hare
  • Brawn
  • Bedfordshire clanger (scrag end of mutton with kidneys)
  • Pan haggerty (fried onions and potatoes)
  • Hogs pudding
  • Faggots


On the other hand the article really annoyed me, because it’s so obviously inspired by a press release from UKTV Food, but doesn’t take it further. I’d like to read some proper analysis, including:

  • Why food names have become so descriptive (‘on a bed of..’).
  • Why some high-end restaurants are returning to the offal based recipes.
  • Many of the dying-out names are local. Are local recipes dying per say, or are the more palatable ones hanging on? (Burslem oatcakes)


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