World Cup failure opportunism

I was sent this ad today by LoveFilm, giving me a free DVD rental, to fill the void now England have been knocked out of the World Cup. It’s quite nice (although I think I’m going to go and enjoy the sun now rather than watch more telly), and it casts their brand in the role of comforter, which I think is quite appropriate.

LoveFilm World Cup ad

It reminds me of an ad my friend Lou wrote for Orange when we were at Interbrand in 2002. Rather than wallowing in misery, it demonstrated the brand’s optimism and belief in the future by naming all the exciting young players who would be contenders for the England squad in 4 years time.

I think this is a much nicer form of opportunism. Of course Orange never ran it, because only advertising agencies can do advertising, isn’t that right?


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