My brand molecule

I was travelling around the US last week, doing research groups for Skype, understanding (among other things) the impact of their recent announcement of free calls to any landline or cell phone within the US & Canada.

On the various flights, I read John Grant’s new book, the Brand Innovation Manifesto. As I’ve said to him, it’s the book I’ve wanted to read about brands ever since I started thinking about them.

Part of John’s thinking is that brands are clusters of strategic cultural ideas, and he draws this as a molecule, rather than a traditional layered and hierarchical ‘onion’ model. This is so cool – it is a much better representation of how modern, textured experience brands work. It also reflects something like the reality of how consumers might think about your brand, rather than an over-clever, tortured and abstract set of words.

Anyway, so I’ve been busy playing with some molecules of my own. In fact I’m a little bit addicted; it’s really fun. So much so that I absent-mindedly started writing my own…

 Glyn's brand molecule


One Response to “My brand molecule”

  1. Rob Andrews Says:


    That’s almost exactly my molecule too.

    Just replace Gadgets with Typefaces and Blimey you’re tall with Blimey, you’re not quite as tall as Glyn.

    I’m now a molecule addict.

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