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Encouragement to be a tourist in your own city

March 28, 2006 is a project to get people in cities to contribute to a better shared understanding of the city they live in. Take a trip to a Tube station you’ve never been to, take notes and photos of what you find, and then post to the site.

A great idea, but lacking something in the execution. The website’s a bit hard to navigate, and some of the content contributed doesn’t do what is asked. Still, nice collision of social software and the real world.

Via Russell Davies


The Kid From Brooklyn

March 16, 2006

The Kid From Brooklyn is an old guy on YouTube who makes his views know on a variety of topics. This is the best – ‘"Starbuck? F**k Starbucks!" Via the Fallon Planning Blog

Web 2.0 backlash

March 15, 2006

Pretty funny for geeks: Isolatr beta (via Skype Journal)

Ten things

March 14, 2006
  1. Cuddles
  2. Tall doorways
  3. Côtes du Rhône
  4. Being warm
  5. The Llyn Pensinsula
  6. Slow roast pork belly
  7. The Right Stuff
  8. Apres Ski
  9. Mashups
  10. Brand architecture